K's Concept

K’s Concept Vol.5 - Tranquility and Breakthrough -

"K's Concept" is an art project to discover and introduce new talent.
The fifth one will be two person exhibition of Urushi(Japanese lacquer) artists Masaaki Toyoda, Mitsumi Irahara.

Masaaki Toyoda, Mitsumi Irahara ――Tranquility and Breakthrough―

K’s Concept, two person exhibition of Masaaki Toyoda and Mitsumi Irahara ―Tranquility and Breakthrough―
April 1st (Mon) to 7th (Sun), 2024 10:00a.m. - 5:00p.m. (Last day - 3:00 p.m.)
Keio Plaza Hotel Lobby Gallery

The Fifth K’s Concept Exhibition
‘Tranquility and Breakthrough’

Thank you for coming to the fifth exhibition of "K's Concept".
I want to express my sincere appreciation to the Keio Plaza Hotel Lobby Gallery for allowing me to hold this event for the fifth time. Holding this exhibition has been both enjoyable and rewarding for me since its inception in 2014.It has been a platform to showcase emerging contemporary artists, representing diverse genres such as paintings, prints, photos, and installations.
This year, I have invited the same artists who exhibited their works in 2022, providing you with the opportunities to witness developments they have made over the last two years.
The artworks of Mr. Masaaki Toyoda and Ms. Mitsumi Irahara are truly unique and fascinating. You might find yourself wondering if they are actually using “urushi, a traditional Japanese lacquer that has been utilized for centuries in various artistic and practical applications. I hope you will share my pleasure and excitement in experiencing their latest works. They use traditional urushi material in a contemporary and refreshing manner, expressing profound beauty while showcasing the broad applicability of urushi technique.
Through my collaboration with these two artists, I have gained a deeper understanding of urushi. I strongly believe in the importance of preserving traditional urushi material and promoting the development of non-traditional techniques to create artistic works that can be appreciated for years to come.
Please take the time to enjoy their artworks and cultivate your interest in the allure of urushi as a novel form of artistic expression.

Miwako Kashiwagi

Masaaki Toyoda, Mitsumi Irahara ――Tranquility and Breakthrough―