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Masaaki Toyoda

豊田 正秋 Masaaki Toyoda

In autumn, lacquer trees show their beautiful red leaves. The lacquer sap collected from these trees has many possibilities for expression, and I am particularly fascinated by the age-old technique of deactivated dry lacquer.
I create undulating relief-like works with a sense of life and the beauty of their appearance that I receive from nature, such as flowers and small birds.

【short CV】

Born in Osaka, 1963
1991 MFA from Tokyo University of Arts

1993 Solo Exhibition, Water Melon Sugar, in Asagaya, Tokyo

1994 (Material and Technique; Series V), at Kanagawa Prefectural Citizen’s Hall Gallery, Yokohama

2001 Solo Exhibition, Continuing Memory Part 3, at Gallery Isogaya, Shinbashi, Tokyo

2006 Joint International Exhibition of Urushi Art: Japan and Korea, at the Museum of Tokyo University of Art and the Wajima Museum of Urushi Art

2012 Urushi Art; Its Path and Future, at the Museum of Tokyo University of Arts

2014 The 3rd Exhibition of Za no Kai , at O Museum, Shinagawa, Tokyo 2015-2022

2018 The 1St Joint Urushi Art Exhibition for artists from the Republic of China, Japan & Korea, at the Channel Private Museum, China

2019 The 29th Urushi Art Exhibition “Decorating the Walls”, hosted by the Association of Japanese Cultural Property, at Mitsukoshi Department Store, Nihonbashi, Tokyo
Urushi: A New Wave in TOKYO, Exhibition of Seven Urushi Artists, at the Museum of Commemoration of Heisei, Setagaya, Tokyo

2022 K’s Concept Vol.4 -Connecting the Three-, at Keio Plaza Hotel Lobby Gallery, Shinjuku, Tokyo
Exhibition of Members of the Association of Cultural Property Lacquer Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store 6F (Nihonbashi)

2020 Urushi Japan jewels group show, at gallery Okariya, Ginza, Tokyo
JAMA Japan Art Medal Association FIDEM International Medal Exhibition in Italy
NOBNA ART WORK IN GINZA LINK TO ART Medal project part IV -Sculpture in the hand-IV

2024 Rest of Lacquer Gallery Okariya, Ginza, Tokyo

Public Collection

Fujiansheng Haixia Minjian Art Museum(Fujian Fuzhou / China)
The Channel Private Museum, China

Currently working as a lacquer artist in Tokyo. Member of the Association of Cultural Property Lacquer. Za no Kai. Member of JAMA Japan Art Medal Association and FIDM.

豊田 正秋 Masaaki Toyoda
豊田 正秋 Masaaki Toyoda

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