K's Concept

What's "K's Concept"?

There was a person who had deep love for art and who decided to plan and organize an art exhibition, after trying to find her own way to play a small role in the contribution made by art to the society. The exhibition was held with a view to provide opportunities for young artists to present their works to the public and raise their profiles.

She wanted to verify her belief that art has some power against the world in its own way, although she had far less economic and organizing strength compared to large firms or foundations. She strongly believed that by providing support to a new generation of young artists, a variety of artistic styles will be nurtured, and the entire world will become happier and livelier.

This is a tiny tiny but a very meaningful kind of “Mecena”.

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K's Concept Vol.4 Exhibition Info

Connecting the Three

April 1st (Wed) to 9th (Thur), 2020 10:00a.m. - 7:00p.m. (Last day -4:00 p.m.)
Keio Plaza Hotel Lobby Gallery

Opening Reception April 4th (Sat) 4:30p.m - 6:00p.m.

Notice of cancellation of "Connecting the Three"

Yesterday, an employee of Keio Plaza Hotel has infected by Coronavirus. As a result of talking with the artists, we decided to cancel this exhibition in consideration of safety.
The artists ware also preparing steadily and we still believe that it will be a wonderful exhibition, and we want to show it to many people. Hopefully this "Connecting the Three" exhibition could be held at another time. If we have such a chance, we will inform you again.
We are very sorry for the latest announcement, but we appreciate your understanding.

March 22, 2020

Masaaki Toyoda
Masaaki Toyoda
Mitsumi Irahara
Mitsumi Irahara
Kanae Ako
Kanae Ako
Urushi Artist Masaaki Toyoda, Mitsumi Irahara and Kanae Ako's three person exhibition.
I hope you will enjoy the flavor and charm of a new world created by Urushi in a totally different manner compared to the traditional craftwork.

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