K's Concept

About K’s Concept Exhibition Venue, Keio Plaza Hotel Lobby Gallery

K's Concept exhibition is held at Lobby Gallery and Lobby Space in 3rd floor of Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo. Hotel's main enterance is also on the third floor. Lobby Gallery is located at the part of the lobby and exhibition space is divided into two floors. The gallery exhibitors can also exhibit artworks in some spaces of the lobby, so the exhibition will be a large exhibition with many artworks in large space.
Lobby Gallery will be closed at 19:00, but the hotel lobby is open 24 hours, so hotel visitors can see artworks in the lobby at any time.

Keio Plaza Hotel Lobby Gallery
2-2-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo 160-8330 Japan
At lobby space in 3rd floor, Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo

About Exhibition Space

exhibition venue Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo


①Next to elevator hall
A space with a large wall, large artwork can be installed.

rest area

②Walls in rest area
Two walls on a rest area with chairs.

art lobby

③Niches of the art lobby and a Cafe
Niches in the art lobby next to a cafe (four niches in total)

front wall

④gallery front wall
A large wall in gallery entrance.

lobby gallery
lobby gallery
lobby gallery

③Inside Lobby Gallery
Located on the northwest side next to the cafe in the lobby. Exhibition space is divided into the first and second floors.
Artworks cab be exhibitied at gallery entrance and a wall of the staircase.

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