K's Concept

Message from the Organizer (On the Conclusion of the K's Concept Exhibition)

I am happy to report that the 5th K’s Concept Exhibition has been successfully concluded on April 7, 2024. I want to express my heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to the many individuals who have visited the Exhibition and enjoyed the opportunity to view the wonderful artwork of Mr. Masaki Toyoda and Ms. Mitsumi Irahara.

The K’s Concept Exhibition series was initiated out of my modest desire to support emerging artists in 2014. After holding five exhibitions, I have come to the decision to temporarily conclude it with this event. I feel immense joy and gratitude for the journey of and the experience I gained through these exhibitions. Interacting with everyone who appreciated the displays and engaging in numerous discussions about art has been a valuable experience. Meeting and exchanging ideas with artists from various genres through these exhibitions have also become a treasure for me.

The fact that an individual without much experience and influence in art like myself could organize such exhibitions five times over is attributed to the support and enthusiasm of participating artists, the attendance of many individuals at the exhibitions, and the collaboration of everyone at the Keio Plaza Hotel Lobby Gallery. I express my sincere gratitude to those involved once again.

My love for art remains unwavering, and I intend to continue enjoying artworks in various places and relishing encounters with fellow artists. In such circumstances, if there are more delightful encounters and a desire to organize another exhibition arises, K’s Concept Exhibition may resume.

I look forward to meeting everyone someday, somewhere, and engaging in fruitful discussions about art once again.

May, 2024
Miwako Kashiwagi

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