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Mitsumi Irahara

伊良原満美 Mitsumi Irahara

“Meditation upon those who are worshipped”

The Japanese people in the ancient days found two souls in the gods they worship; one with modesty and peaceful mind and the other with fierce and hostile mind.
This reflects the thinking of the people in those days who had to confront and resign themselves to the sever act of Nature. Nature was usually peaceful and helpful to their lives, but at times it was fierce and hostile.
When the Japanese people who had respected the Nature began to worship their ancestors as gods, they naturally believed that gods also inherently possess dual souls; one with a modest and peaceful mind and the other with a fierce and hostile mind.
People appreciated the modest and peaceful god, but at the same time, they respected the fierce and hostile god.

Mitsumi Irahara

1972 Born in Kamakura, Kanagawa, Japan 2001 B.F.A., in Urushi art, Tokyo University of the Arts

Solo and Group Exhibitions

2001 Solo Exhibition, at Gallery Garulibus, Ginza, Tokyo

2003 Wangsang International Art Festival, Outdoor Exhibition, Korea

2007 A Joint Exhibition of Urushi Art between Japan & Korea, at the Museum of Tokyo University of Arts

2010-2018 Aizu Urushi Art Festival, at Aizuwakamatsu City, Fukushima

2012 A Festival for a Beautiful Party with Urushi– Contemporary Expressions of Urushi Art by Female Artists Worldwide, held in Tokyo, Fukushima, and Kyoto

2016 An Exchange Program for Urushi Art in Asian Countries, at the Vietnam National Art Museum

2018 A Joint Urushi Art Exhibition for Artists from the Republic of China, Japan and Korea, at the Channel Private Museum, in XYZ, China

2019 A Joint Exchange Exhibition of Urushi Art by Asian Artists, at Cambodia
A Group Exhibition of the Za no Kai, at O Museum, Osaki, Tokyo
A Group Exhibition of Contemporary Art from Korea and Japan, at Seoul, Korea
The Urushi Exhibition: a Joint Exchange Exhibition of Urushi Art from Taiwan and Japan-Vol.2, at Fei Art Museum, Yokohama
Asia Pasific Lacquer Art x Local Creation Forum, Taiwan

Many others


2009-2011 A series of essays “Kintsugi Asobi” published on “To-yu”, published by Shinkikaku Publications

2015 “An Introduction to Kintsugi”, published by Seibundo-Shinkouhsa

Selected Awards

2001 Salon de Plantan Award

2001 Encouragement Award by the International Urushi Design Exhibition

2005 Silver Medal Award by the International Urushi Exhibition

2018 Successful Competitor at the International Urushi Exhibition

2019 Successful Competitor, Kashima Contest of Sculptures

伊良原満美 Mitsumi Irahara
伊良原満美 Mitsumi Irahara